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Dog Bath Brush

Dog Bath Brush

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The Dog Bath Brush is an essential tool for dog owners. This high-quality brush has been designed to give your four-legged friend a gentle cleanse while being easy on their skin. The ergonomic brush handle ensures maximum comfort, allowing for easy maneuverability and control with one hand. The bristles are made from soft material which is gentle on the coat, making bathing time a breeze for your pup. With this Dog Bath Brush, washing your furry friend will become simple and stress free! The long lasting material won't splinter or crack ensuring you can use it again and again. Make sure you always provide the best care possible for your pet with the Dog Bath Brush!




Color: Yellow, Blue, Pink
Material: Silicone
Style: Massage, Bath
Size: 8*8*6 (approximately)
Weight: 103g (approximately)

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